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A Lesson in STEM With Miss Annelise

Nurturing Children’s Development with Experience and Care


Written by Amie Andrews

Nominated Supervisor

A Lesson in STEM With Miss Annelise

Today, our enthusiastic Kookaburra Room children embarked on an exciting balloon and air-based experiment that left them in awe! As advocates for early learning and exploration, we believe that introducing scientific concepts at a young age can ignite curiosity and lay a solid foundation for future discoveries.

In this experiment, the children were introduced to various contributing factors that resulted in a fascinating outcome—blue water squirting out of a straw! The star of the show was, of course, the balloon, which perfectly aligned with the children’s ongoing exploration of the letter B. By incorporating fun and interactive activities, we strive to create an engaging learning environment that resonates with each child’s interests.

Science-based learning has become a favorite among our Kookaburra children, as it enables them to unravel the mysteries of the world around them. Through hands-on experiments like this one, they not only learn how things work but also develop essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and observation.

At Dashing Ducks, we understand the importance of extending the learning experience beyond the classroom. That’s why we encourage our children to explore and conduct experiments at home too! By fostering a love for science, we hope to inspire young minds to continue their scientific exploration outside of our center.

If you’re interested in replicating this exciting experiment at home or exploring more science-based activities, we’ve compiled a list of resources for you to dive into:

  1. “Fun Science Experiments for Kids” – Check out this article from Science Buddies, a renowned educational website, which offers a wide range of easy and engaging science experiments suitable for young learners: Science Buddies – Fun Science Experiments for Kids

  2. “10 Simple Science Experiments for Preschoolers” – This article from Parenting magazine provides a collection of simple yet captivating science experiments specifically designed for preschoolers: Parenting – 10 Simple Science Experiments for Preschoolers

  3. “Science Sparks: Brilliant Science Experiments for Kids” – Explore the Science Sparks blog, filled with exciting science experiments and activities suitable for children of all ages. From making slime to creating homemade volcanoes, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here: Science Sparks – Brilliant Science Experiments for Kids

Remember, learning knows no boundaries, and with a dash of curiosity and a pinch of imagination, children can unlock the wonders of science right at home!

We’re thrilled to witness the joy and wonder on the faces of our Kookaburra children as they delve into the world of science. Join us in nurturing their passion for exploration and discovery, and watch them soar to new heights!

Stay tuned for more exciting experiments and learning adventures from the Dashing Ducks blog. Don’t forget to share your own experiences and experiments in the comments section below. Let’s inspire and support one another on this incredible journey of early childhood education! 🎈

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