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Welcome to Dashing Ducks Childcare Croydon, our newest and modern early learning centre located in the Inner West of Sydney. Situated at 8-12 Wychbury Avenue, our spacious facility provides an ideal environment for children, with a capacity to accommodate 73 little learners. Nestled in a peaceful neighbourhood, right next to a local church our centre offers a setting that promotes a sense of calm and tranquility.has a calming, homely feel. The location provides an underground carpark specifically for the centre, with an elevator that only operates if one of our staff provide access. 

The Koala Room

0-2 Years

Our educators in the Koala room provide a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment that is both home-like and stimulating for your children. This room is filled with friendly and fun experiences for children. They are encouraged to use their sensory skills to engage and interact. We focus on; ​
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Educators in the Koala room are consistently working closely and communicating regularly with each of the children and their families to ensure a smooth transition into schooling. At Dashing Ducks, we provide personalised care to each child, creating an environment designed to help develop your child’s emotional security and wellbeing.  We meet and exceed children’s physical and emotional needs through daily care routines, one-to-one interactions with each child, and small group playtimes. 

In our youngest room, routines and transitions such as meal times, nappy change, and sleep allow educators to engage in meaningful interactions and develop close relationships with each of the children. Experiences are planned based on the children’s interests and development.

They include a range of activities such as art and craft, playdough and sensory play, construction, puzzles, music and movement, sand and water play, sharing books and small group times.

The Kookaburra Room

2-3 Years

In the Kookaburras room, you will find a secure environment where every child is valued, respected and encouraged to develop their interests and strengthen their skills. Our educators provide high-quality care by consistently planning and creating unique spaces that support the child's development, engagement and overall wellbeing. The Kookaburras educators emphasise on;

Educators in the Kookaburras room use routines, transitions, language group times and free play to respond to children’s interests and needs through creating meaningful interactions and play experiences. Educators collaborate with families to learn about their religious and cultural beliefs and the children’s interests and goals to support their development.  

With a heavy emphasis on growth and development, there is a range of experiences in the Kookaburra’s room waiting to be had. Our educators support this growth by implementing art and craft, playdough and sensory play, construction, music and movement, Munch and Move, sand and water play, cooking experiences, dramatic play, sharing books, puzzles and games. 

Educators support children’s understandings during these experiences, mainly focusing on the process and expression involved in each scenario. As children develop, the program becomes more challenging and varied to cater to each child’s emerging needs and interests and the group as a whole. 

The Kangaroo Room

3-5 Years

Our educators in the Kangaroos room provide a warm learning environment where there is a balance of stimulating educational planned and spontaneous experiences allowing the child to problem solve, make decisions and express themselves. Educators will continue to facilitate and scaffold the child's learning by extending and challenging their skills and thinking. Dashing Ducks educators encourage children's learning through play concerning safe and healthy living, cultural awareness and community connections. We focus on; ​

In the Kangaroo room, children will be exposed to group projects on topics surrounding their interests guided by their educator, which helps support individual and room goals. Our group projects provide opportunities for children to develop their communication and social skills to learn more about the environment and community they live in. A range of experiences is available for children, including dramatic play, arts and crafts, Munch and Move, cooking experiences, construction, sharing books and discussion, and music and movement. 

To help children prepare for the transition to school, our preschool program also provides opportunities to familiarise themselves with skills needed when they begin formal schooling. Our program encourages children to be involved in group projects and interest-based learning. These experiences support communication and social skills and provide learning opportunities that incorporate literacy and numeracy skills. Scientific discoveries, art and craft, dramatic play, construction, music and movement also provide children with opportunities to be creative, make connections and express themselves. Our Preschool Program is delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. Click here to see our Transition to School Program.