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Our ducklings learn about the oldest culture in the world, enabling respect for our land and its people.

Indigenous Elder Uncle John Visits

10th June, 2023

Our Little Ducklings Receive a Visit from Uncle John

Dashing Ducks Early Learning Centre Croydon is all about giving children meaningful experiences that broaden their perspectives and cultivate a genuine appreciation for diverse cultures. Recently, we were honored to welcome a local indigenous elder to Dashing Ducks Croydon, who graciously shared his wisdom and heritage with our curious young learners. This exciting encounter took them on a captivating journey into the vibrant world of Australian Indigenous culture, leaving a lasting impression on their young hearts and minds.

The children were introduced to the captivating sound of the yiḏaki, a traditional Aboriginal wind instrument otherwise known as the didgeridoo. Uncle John demonstrated the enchanting tones and rhythms produced by this unique instrument, sparking the children’s curiosity and encouraging them to explore their own musical abilities. Mimicking the sounds of birds chirping, kangaroos hopping and kookaburra’s laughing, the children loved hearing Uncle John play.

The children had the incredible opportunity to discover the boomerang, an iconic symbol of Australian Indigenous culture. Uncle John shared the history and significance of this ancient tool, demonstrating how it was used for hunting and as a means of communication. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive a demonstration of the boomerang due to safety, but Uncle John showed the children how it worked, and what it would look like if he were to have thrown it.

Finally, the ducklings’ favorite part of the visit was Uncle John’s Dreamtime story – a traditional narrative passed down through generations. Dreamtime stories hold immense cultural significance, teaching valuable lessons about creation, nature, and the spiritual beliefs of Indigenous Australians. The children listened with attention, immersing themselves in the rich storytelling of how the birds got their colour. If you’d like to experience something similar to our Ducklings, here is a link to the Dreamtime story being read by Lynn Chapman, indigenous elder of the Bardi people.

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